Features of UPVC Doors & Windows

1.Great Warmth Resistance

The thermal conductivity of plastic is low anf the insulation effect is optimal than aluminum 1250 times.With great air tightness.Although in cold place,the temperature is dozens of degrees below zero,but indoor is another world.

2.Great Soundproof Performance

Products structure with well-designed,products with closed joint.Tests show that the sound insulation< 20db according with the provisions of DIND 4109.

3.Great Anti-aging Performance

Our products using import modifier and add anti ultraviolet absorption agent in raw material.Our products don’t lose color,not anti-aging,not simply in sun,rain,dry and wet environment between -30 to 70.

4.Great Fireproof Performance

UPVC windows are off-fireed material.With no combustion and self-extingushing.It is a great choice.

5.Great Impact Resistance

Our products use special formula of impact resistance,profile can bear 1Kg hammer on -10 and in cold shock test the profile is intact while free falling from 1 meter.

6.Great Waterproof Resistance

The water absorption < 0.1%,UPVC doors and windows with flashing boated and drainage slots.It can isolated water completely.Watertightness according with the provisions of DIDN18055.

7.Easy to maintain

UPVC profile don’t suffer erosion,dirt and cement influence influence.While it get dirty,you can use any clears and become white again after cleaning.

8.Corrosion-proof performance

UPVC doors & windows don’t suffer any acid-base material,exhuase gas and salt influence.It is very suitable for use in coastal areas and heavy industrial areas.

9.Great Air Tightness

Each gaps of UPVC windows are install EPDM gaskets,ventilation about the gap is below 4m3/MM -1M.It can play great role in indoor with the change in temperature equipment and it also cam save energy.

10.Great Theft-proof Performance

Our UPVC doors and windows wiht great hardwares and windows inside are install glass stripes.It is very security.

11.Scientific design

UPVC doors & windows using saving-energy profile,and it go through scientific design and make the glory od traditional and modern buildings.

12.Words Of Builders

UPVC doors & windows are the fourth generation od new products!!! UPVC doors & windows are the best choice.

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